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About Satyababa

Satyababa Confessional Elementary School

E.P.C. Satybaba is a private institution of Muslim faith and French language which provides educational services in general education at primary level. We offer the training program of the Ivorian school in the five areas of learning, namely languages , mathematics, science and technology, the social universe, the arts and the field of personal development. The courses are 60 minutes long according to a five-day week schedule.

The E.P.C. Satybaba private Islamic school is a private educational establishment recognized by the Ministry of National Education and Literacy. The school opened its doors at the start of the 2023 school year and today accommodates 8 primary education classes. E.P.C.S. is part of a policy of excellence. Thus, with a limited number of staff, an emphasis on personalized monitoring, we wish to support each student in their intellectual and spiritual development, in order to promote their success, and make them a driving force in society.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide academic excellence to all students in a safe and healthy environment in accordance with Islamic values.  E.P.C. Satybaba strives to provide students with a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. E.P.C.S. wants to train citizens of the world in a framework where Muslim values cohabit, the moral and social values of Côte d’Ivoire, international sensitivity, intercultural respect and rigorous evaluation.

Our Vision

To foster the optimal potential and leadership skills of our students by instilling a spirit of lifelong learning based on Islamic principles.

Statement Of Belief

Founder's Story

In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Merciful. In an authentic hadith, the Prophet (saws) said: “Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah builds for him his equivalent in paradise”. I heard that when I was young and I never forgot it. I have dedicated donations to the construction of several mosques and have even built them for the benefit of the Muslim faithful of Williamsville in Ivory Coast the Baba Sanogo Mosque. Every parent should instill interest and love of the Holy Quran in their children from an early age so that they can grow up with Islamic thought and lifestyle. I have always believed in it. So another great initiative that I always had was to offer children the learning of the Koran. many years ago, I decided to build a Koranic school with several classes. The education of our children in the light of the Koran is very important. I aspire for our children to grow up to be responsible and respectful Muslims who are socially and emotionally ready to deal with the surrounding society.

El Hadj Baba Sanogo

Our Philosophy

Salam Alaikom

Dear E.P.C.S Families,

Back to school brings its share of emotions and nostalgia. The culmination of our Father El-Hadj Baba “Satybaba” Sanogo’s tireless efforts through the years is our reality today as we prepare to begin the inaugural year in our new school building.The palpable levels of excitement also come with a renewed commitment to growth. Throughout this year, we hope to have you by our side as we write the story of what E.P.C.S. means to us as we move forward. With the support of our most valued partners, parents, the true impact of what a school with a culture of high achievement can achieve will be felt.

For El-Haj Satybaba, one of the valuable benefits of Islamic schools is that your children are exposed to Islamic knowledge. They learn more about their religion and its values. They will provide recitation and explanation of Hadith, Dua’a and Quran. Baba Sanogo always wanted to found a school and build a mosque. With EPIS becoming a reality today, it can be said that all of Satybaba’s wishes are now a reality.While our educational practices may see changes, we are, as always, steadfast in our determination to prepare our students to be educated global citizens who are determined to uphold our Islamic principles. Our unwavering and ongoing commitment to you is to ensure that student success is at the forefront of all decisions. We are honored to be entrusted with the heavy responsibility of preparing your beloved children to become the leaders of tomorrow. We hope that over the next few years, E.P.C.S. with its “village” can become a pioneer in the training of competent, compassionate and informed agents of change who will strive to establish the foundations of divinely promised justice.We look forward to your continued cooperation and support. Please don’t hesitate to call or email Baba Sanogo Children if you have any concerns or questions.

Ma’asalaam!Children Satybab

Administrative Staff

Baba Sanogo


Moustapha Sanogo


Momo Sanogo


Sarrata Sanogo


Member Staff

Fatou Sanogo


(IQRA & Theology)

Soualio Sanogo



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E.P.C. Satybaba is a private institution of Muslim faith and French language which provides educational services in general education at primary level.

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