CP1 To CM2

The Elementary Section Is Made Up Of 6 Classes, One Per Level: CP1, CP2, CE1, CE2, CM1 And CM2.In Compliance With National Education Programs, The Objective Of The Lessons Provided Ensures The Acquisition Of The Fundamentals: Reading, Writing, Counting, Respecting Others. 

All Courses Contribute To The Acquisition Of The Common Base Of Knowledge, Skills And Culture. 

At The Elementary Level (CP1), Instruction In Academic Subjects Including Language Arts, Mathematics, Science And Social Studies Is Provided By The Teacher. The First Year Promotes Individual Growth In Reading And Writing. Students Learn Common Sight Words And Sound-Symbol (Phonetic) Relationships In The Context Of Meaningful Application. Our Program Trains Phonetic Awareness To Build A Solid Foundation For Fluency In Writing And Reading.

Second-Year (CP2) Students Engage In A Wider Variety Of Reading Texts While Continuing To Develop Their Writing Skills. Emphasis Is Placed On Daily Practice Of Reading
Strategies Until Students Can Independently Use Reading Strategies Such As Prediction, Use Of Prior Knowledge, And Repetition.

Third-Year Students (CE1) Deepen Their Understanding Of The Text Through Written And Oral Linguistic Experiences. Students Are Encouraged To Relate What They Read To Their
Own Lives By Noting Similarities And Differences, Solving Problems, And Evaluating Characters. The Reading Program Includes A Variety Of Resources. Speaking And Listening
Skills Are Honed Through Class Discussions, Oral Presentations, And More.

Fourth (CE2) And Fifth-Year (CM1) Students Are Exposed To A Variety Of Reading Materials, Including Fiction, Plays, Poetry And Non-Fiction. Children Engage In Literary
Discussions To Interact With Text And Deepen Their Reading Comprehension.

Social Studies

Social Studies Is Integrated With Language Arts. The “Weekly Studies” Curriculum Is Used In Grades One Through Five In Which Students Use A Brightly Illustrated Weekly Newspaper Issue That Covers Basic Social Studies Standards For Each Grade Level.First And Second Graders Learn Concepts Such As Sharing, Responsibility, Citizenship, Community, Cartographic Skill, Status Symbols.


The Math Curriculum Is Implemented From Kindergarten Through Fifth Grade. The Lenses Conform To National Standards. The Program Emphasizes Critical Thinking To Develop An Essential Understanding Of Important Mathematical Concepts And The Solving Aspect Of The Skill.

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E.P.C. Satybaba is a private institution of Muslim faith and French language which provides educational services in general education at primary level.

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